About Us

CodeKnack is a website for programmers, by the programmers. Here you can find tutorials for technologies, problems in algorithms and data structures, tips for interviews and learning from the years of experience in teaching and software development.

Why another website for learning?

You might be wondering why another website for learning about computer science and programming? Aren’t there many already? The answer is, while it is true that there are many websites dedicated for learning programming, the lack of quality content is still exists. While most such websites focus on providing good quantity, they seem to miss on the quality. Also, content authors in many such websites are under graduates students, who just read concepts from the books. Mostly, such authors do not have experience of applying the subject matter in practice. Also, whatever quality content does exist on the Internet, they are scattered all across the Internet and are not easy to find.

At CodeKnack, we are equally focused on quality and quantity. We are a team of people having real world experience in teaching, research and software development. Our content comes not just from the books that we have read but also from the experience that we have gained over the years.